Get your hands in the soil and acquire the skills you need to enrich your landbase.

Permaculture 101

Interested in permaculture but not sure where to begin? Find yourself wondering whether you can trust some of the claims you've found circulating on the internet? Then join us for this one-day introduction to the history, context, and practice of permaculture design. We'll take you beyond the cliches and wild promises to explore the strategies, techniques, and analysis that drive permaculture as a design discipline. We'll also survey other important land-management disciplines permaculture practitioners draw from, such as keyline design, agroecology, and natural farming. 

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Homestead Planning & Permaculture Design

This course will introduce the principles and practices of permaculture design by offering a focused exploration of how to design or retrofit a homestead-scale permaculture site.

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The Home Garden: From Seed to Harvest

Over the course of a weekend we’ll introduce key skills and info that’ll help you successfully grow nutrient-dense vegetables, herbs, and small fruits.

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Intro To Forest Ecology

This introductory course explores the science and magic of the eastern woodlands. We’ll explore the fundamentals of forest ecology through a combination of classroom study and time in the woods. Participants will leave the program with a more complex and nuanced understanding of eastern forests, equipped to more fully and intimately inhabit and care for the wooded landscapes around them.

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Edible & Medicinal Forest Gardens

This class will introduce a different approach to food production that explores the possibility of growing food and medicine in cooperation with the patterns of the wild landscape, rather than against them.

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The Farm as Ecosystem

Agroecology, Pattern Literacy, and Regenerative Design

Drawing on insights from a variety of disciplines, including permaculture design, agroecology, keyline design, and biodynamics, this course will introduce an ecologically integrated approach to farm and land management. Through a combination of classroom and outdoor activity, we will outline a practical, ecosystematic vision that can be tailored to a wide diversity of contexts, from rural to urban and from the homestead to the commercial scale. 

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Introduction to Biochar

This is a one-day crash course exploring the theory and practice of biochar production. We’ll talk about the when, why, and how to make and apply biochar to soils, as well as the negative consequences of applying it in the wrong contexts. Participants will be exposed to multiple small-scale kiln designs, and will gain experience in everything from managing the burn and quenching to crushing and inoculating the char with biological organisms. 

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