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The Origins Program is a journey over nine months where we practice and build a variety of traditional skills, with the goal of going on a weeklong trip into the woods and utilizing them.  The rules for the final trip are simple; no metal, no glass, no paper, and no plastic.

Tracking in the snow is cheating right? It can feel that way when much of the year you can struggle to find any clear prints to identify, any gait patterns to decipher, or trails to follow. You learn pretty quickly to look in track traps along wet areas, in protected dusty areas, and hopefully start to read tracks in harder substrates like leaves and grass.

Permaculture 101

Interested in permaculture but not sure where to begin? Find yourself wondering whether you can trust some of the claims you've found circulating on the internet? Then join us for this one-day introduction to the history, context, and practice of permaculture design. We'll take you beyond the cliches and wild promises to explore the strategies, techniques, and analysis that drive permaculture as a design discipline. We'll also survey other important land-management disciplines permaculture practitioners draw from, such as keyline design, agroecology, and natural farming. 


Last week Chris Grataski shared his thoughts about how primitive skills can inform permaculture skill sets. This week I give my two cents about how primitive skills lead me to want to know more about permaculture.
By Brad Salon

This week Chris Grataski give his thoughts on why permaculture education can benefit from primitive skills. Next week, I will share my perspective on why primitive skills leads to and can deeply benefit from an involved permaculture education.

A Vermonter's Tips for Getting Outside in the Winter---Winter Solstice in one week! On that day the sun will deliver a whopping 8 hours and 51 minutes of daylight to us here in Vermont, which is not enough. Soon, El Nino will leave us, temps will drop far below zero, and the ground will disappear under snow until April....
Its time to settle into a cozy warm house, tuck into your favorite winter beverage, turn on Netflix and hope the winter is not too long, too cold, and that the cabin fever does not turn your household into gibbering lunatics.....Or, you can get up, get dressed, and get outside!

Or some basic tips...No, really, after 15 years of making, using, and teaching bow drill I have not tired of it's awesome simple magic. Lighting a fire from pieces of wood you carved yourself is a truly remarkable experience for anyone who is conscious and has a soul.