ROOTS Rendezvous

Course Information

Fri, 09/28/2018 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sat, 09/29/2018 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sun, 09/30/2018 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Fri, 09/28/2018 - 9:00am to Sun, 09/30/2018 - 4:00pm
All ages, below 16 requires gaurdian.

This is a daily course, please bring your own food. Camping is available by request.


 Roots Rendezvous

A gathering of people. A huge variety of workshops and skills to choose from. Bring family and friends to come have a great time with others who share a passion for the natural world.  Leave knowing more about the beautiful world we are a part of.
This gathering is grounded in the idea that we as people can become more conscious, stronger, effective, and capable stewards of the land by learning new and old skills of interacting with the natural world.   These three days have multiple workshop blocks, ongoing demonstrations, and night time celebration. 
Early Bird Pricing right now if you come for all three days!
There are three days of workshops offered by a diverse group of experienced teachers. Come for any day or all of them.  There are a wide array of topics, including; stone tools, herbal medicine, weaving, tracking, pottery, bows, naturalist studies, ninjutsu, self reliance, and more.  There are multiple class offerings that happen at the same time so you get to choose your own adventure, and if you come with friends and family you can split up for workshops and come back together and share. It is up to you when you come; you can come for one day, two days, or all three days and camp under the stars.    
 Kids 12 and under come for free!   We have youth workshops and/or all ages workshops at each block.
Feel free to come for one day, the weekend, or all three days.  
Limited attendance!  We will have open rolling registration until we reach maximum capacity.  Register soon!
Walk-ins by the day are more than welcome (unless we are full, which we will note here).
Check out the schedule below!  Expect a few adjustments, and additions over the next few weeks.  Note that some classes will have small material fees.


2017 schedule          We will be posting the 2018 schedule shortly, so check back in!




Morning 10:00-11:30

Wildlife Tracking Brad Salon   
Birding Amasa Fiske White
Kicking it with Kieth   Kieth Grenoble   (All Ages)
Basic Fire Making with Bow Drill/Hand Drill Demo Bill Kaczor  

Early Afternoon 12:30-2:30

What is Permaculture Design?  History, context, and practice  Chris Grataski
Mixing and Using Hafting Resin Charlie Paquin
Ninjutsu Ben Goodrich
Blacksmithing Grant Adkisson  (6 students)
Youth Skills    Antonia Perez  (age 7 and up) 

Late Afternoon 3:00-5:00

Fire by Friction; Hand drill  Nick Neddo
Introduction to Making Primitive Pottery Charlie Paquin
Pine Needle Basketry Willa Moore  (8 students)
Traditional Hand Percussion  Len Mackey
Edible Plant Walk
Youth Skills Antonia Perez   (age 7 and up) 
Blacksmithing Grant Adkisson  (6 students)


Friday Evening Activities

There will be a fire, fireside chats, and music to celebrate!  Feel free to bring along your instruments!




Morning 9:30-11:30

Youth Games; Kids Archery Ross Doree   (age 7 and up)
Rope! Make it Luke Boushee
Small Ash Baskets Penny Hewitt    (8 students and may take longer than two hours)
Working with Livestock to Regenerate Landscapes Chris Grataski
Making and using simple stone tools everyday Kieth Grenoble
Plant Fibers; Stinging Nettle Joann Darling
Tracking Brad Salon
Stalking and Reading the Landscape Perrin Hendrick

Early Afternoon 12:30-2:30

Coal Burning and Fire Side Crafting Bowls and Spoons  John Hunt    (All Ages)
Cedar Bark Knife Sheath   Zach de la Rouda   ($6 material fee and 12 students)
Paint from Stones Nick Neddo
Ninjutsu Ben Goodrich
Primitive Trapping Luke Boushee
Plant Communities Dan Farrell
Herbal Plant Walk  
Youth Games; Original Play, The Human Animal Form  Julia Martin
Women’s Fire Class Jamie Tyler Maloof

Late Afternoon 3:00- 5:00

Youth Games  Yard  (age 7 and up)
Rendering Animal fat with Herbal Infusions Willa Moore
Tree Identification Jonathan Shapiro
Making Mead Grant Adkisson
Vegetable Fermentation  Len Mackey
Medicinal Plant Walk Naomi Ullian
Tinder Conk; the many uses of Fomes fometarius Dave Muska
Bow Drill Fire Making Bill Kaczor ($5 material fee)

Saturday Evening Activites

The Trade. Bring a blanket and a few things to trade.  There are no limitations here, just guidelines.  Nothing is too big or too small, we have seen bags of acorns to canoes.  Trade for something unexpected and great.  This will be a time where you can put your goods out, walk around to check out other goods, and barter in a light-hearted natural manner.  This is easiest working in small groups.  Raw materials are wonderful, wild edibles and medicine are fantastic, baskets are a plus, hides are always desirable, and really anything handmade is stellar ...but leave that scratched cd that you found on the way here under the car seat where it was discovered though.

There will be Music!  People, bring your instruments!

There will be Fire!

There will be a Home Brew Circle! Bring out your home-brewed concoctions and celebrate with others.



Morning 9:30-11:30

Bark Fibers any time of year Barry Keegan
Plant Communities Dan Farrell
Primitive Pot Firing  Charles Paquin
Blacksmithing Grant Adkisson   (6 students)
Working with Bone - awls, fish hooks, arrow heads Bill Kaczor  ($1-$5 material fee)
Flint Knapping Brad Salon
Coal Burning and Fire Side Crafting Bowls and Spoons  John Hunt    (All Ages)
Cedar Bark Knife Sheath   Zach de la Rouda   ($6 material fee and 12 students)

Early Afternoon 12:30-2:30

Making Huarache Sandals & Natural Movement Dave Muska ($10 material fee)
Make a Flint and Steel Fire Making Kit  Charles Paquin
Tree Medicine for Wintertime Jamie Tyler Maloof
Reading the Forested Landscape: A walk using Wessels' disturbance framework  Chris Grataski
Cooking with clay pots Kieth Grenoble
Bark Fiber bowdrilling strings and more Barry Keegan  
Fire by Friction; Advanced Bow Drill Perrin Hendrick
Youth Games Yard     (age 7 and up)

Late Afternoon 3:00- 4:30

Flat Braids Willa Moore
Ninjutsu Ben Goodrich
Spoon Carving Ross Doree
Spear Throwing With the Atlatl  Charles Paquin
Hide Tanning Overview Nick Neddo
Foraging for Wild Mushrooms Alan LePage
Youth games    (age 7 and up)


Clean up, Farewell, and Goodbye!


People of all skill levels are welcome to come and participate.  This is an all ages event of adult classes, and family friendly with kid workshops.  Kids 12 and under come for free!
Bows and arrows.   Bring 'em!  We will have targets set up to use at designated times.  Traditional bows only.   
***Please note that the above right hand column wrongly states that there is food provided as that is not the case, so please feel free to pack a cooler.  There will be camping sites available as there is a big field where everyone camps.***




For more information, please check the Logistics page here.

Food and Camping

Camping is included in the cost of admission and is limited to tents and tarps.  There is a field that is well marked and has plenty of space for you to lay out your tent/tarp/bivy.  There is access to portable toilets and clean drinkable water in camp.  There are no showers, but there is a gorgeous river to dip into, but know that the river is at your own risk, so please don’t act like a dummy, and be sure to go with a buddy.  Upon arrival, there shall be signs to point out where camping is.  To get there, walk past the shop towards the cobb oven where the driveway continues and becomes River rd.  As you walk down River rd. you will pass a yurt on your left and not much further up the trail you will see a right turn into a field with a sign marked for camping.  This is Crescent field.  Walk in and find a place to set up, and be wary of the edges and bottom/east part of the field has some poison ivy. 

Please note that upon online registration you will receive an automatic reply that wrongly states that there is no camping as there is a big field where everyone camps. 

Meals are not included in the cost of the program.  Students should bring their own food.  There will be freelancing foodies making tasty treats in the cob oven Saturday and Sunday.   I'm not sure what it will be, but I know it will be delicious, so bring some cash if you are at all tempted.


We love dogs!  Please don't bring yours though as it adds a layer of complexity that we need to avoid. 



Payment and Cost

It means the world to us if you can pre-register.  If you register between now and September 10th,  and pre-pay for all three days there is a discount price of $145.  

Prices will be $160 for all three days and $55 for a single day. 

You are welcome to pay the day you arrive. We accept cash, traveler’s checks, checks, and money orders, and credit cards online only. You can pay in full or by the day, any day, and includes enrollment to all workshops that day.  Deposit is included within the price of admission.   Kids under 12 years old and younger can come for free.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Please register and pay ahead of time if you can!  If you don't, please be sure to check in at the registration table.  We don't prorate days.    We will have open rolling registration until we reach maximum capacity.  Register soon!



Registration and Waiver

Check in at the registration table upon arrival. We strongly recommend that registration, both the form and payment, are handled before arriving for huge amount of time it saves.  If you want to show up with it all in hand, that is also the best!  Otherwise we are happy to pass you a blank copy to fill out. 







Brad Salon and Sarah Corrigan   Roots School


Nick Neddo     The Organic Artist

Nick Neddo is a sixth generation Vermonter who has been making art since he could first pick up a crayon. He grew up exploring the wetlands, forests and fields of his bioregion and developed a profound curiosity, respect and love for the community of life around him. As a youngster Nick identified primary focuses that would become life-long pursuits: study of the natural world, Stone Age technology (popularly known as primitive skills) and creating art. Trusting the inherent value of these skills, he continues to embrace their pursuit with a ravenous appetite fueled by a genuine love of the living world and the creative process.


Bill Kaczor    Ancestral Knowledge

Bill has also studied both youth mentoring, naturalist studies, primitive technology and tracking with Jon Young, Errett Callahan and Charles Worsham. He has been teaching children and adults in these subjects since 1998.


Betzy Bancroft      Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism

Betzy is a teacher, clinical herbalist, gardener, craftsperson and environmentalist who’s had a deep appreciation for the magic of plants since childhood.


Alan LePage     LePage Farm

Alan LePage has been an organic vegetable gardener in central Vermont for over thirty years–long before anyone cared much about organic farming–long, long before words like ‘sustainable’, ‘local’, ‘artisinal’ started being used, ad nauseam. His family has farmed the same piece of land since the civil war. Alan is also an expert mushroom forager, mentor, activist and philosopher.


Chris Grataski    Stone River Homestead


Barry Keegan    


Grant Adkisson   Earth Skills Gathering


Ben Goodrich    New England Ninjutsu


Dave Muska   Ondatra Adventures   


Keith Grenoble


John Hunt  and Julia Martin    ReTribe


Ross Doree     Slow Oak of Shelburne, Vermont


Charlie Paquin    Archaeologist and artist


Amasa Fisk-White   Bird Specialist


Dan Farrell      The Nature Conservancy in Vermont


Naomi Ullian      Tiny Pony Apothecary


Penny Hewitt       Lazy Mill Hill Farm


Luke Boushee     Woods Craft


Jonathon Shapiro


Jamie Tyler Maloof


Willa Moore


Joanne Darling     Green Sylk Soap


Len Mackey


Antonia Perez





 Thank you.  We look forward to a great gathering!!

-ROOTS School Staff


Recurring Dates: 
Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 9:00am

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Directions, Gear & Logistics

Logistical information about what to bring for your class, camping during overnight courses, directions and so forth can be found here.

Registration Forms

Online registrations are preferred, but registration by mail is accepted. Either proceed online above, or mail in the forms below with a check for the deposit.